What is Pooper Scooper Service?

Pooper Scooper Service is a relatively new service for some dog owners in America.  Simply put, pooper scooper service is the cleanup and removal of your dogs waste from your lawn or yard, or other surfaces where dog waste may be found.   Pooper scooper service is generally on a regular schedule just like your garbage pickup route. But can also be scheduled for one time cleanups, bi-weekly, monthly or weekly. During a visit, your waste tech will scan your property for dog waste and clean it up right where your dog left it. There are many benefits to having pooper scooper service including convenience and lawn appearance.

1. Never Touch Dog Poop Again!
2. Regular Schedule-no more buildups
3. Healthier Lawn Appearance
4. Clean Lawn For Activities/Play
5. Affordability
6. Convenience