About 1-800-DOG POOP

1-800-DOG POOP is Committed To Helping America Manage Dog Waste in a Responsible Manner.

Our Goal is to Meet the Pet Waste Management Needs of Dog Owners with Quality Service and Customer Care.

What is Pooper Scooper Service?

Pooper Scooper Service is the Cleanup of Dog Waste From Lawns and Other Surfaces Where Pet Waste May Be Found. Service Usually Includes The Removal and Disposal Of Your Dogs’ Waste on a
Regular Schedule Just Like Your Garbage Route Pickup. Service can also be Tailored To Meet The Needs of All Dog Owners with Many Options Including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Spring Cleanups, Dog Waste Station Service, And More. Pooper Scooper Service, also known as Pet Waste Management, is Convenient and Affordable. The Main Benefit of This Service is Your Family Will Never Have To Worry About Dog Poop Cleanup Again.

Become a Provider

Demand is High For Pet Waste Management Service Providers In The U.S.

With Over 80 Million Dogs and Counting, This Industry is Just Beginning To Take Off!

Good For The Environment

Our Service Helps Reduce The Environmental
Impact of Dog Waste. Canine Waste
Is a Top Contributor To
Storm Water Pollution.
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